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Screen Printing Price List


1/4 oz - 15 oz1$0.20$0.25
16 oz - 31 oz1$0.25$0.30
32 oz - 128 oz (1 Gallon)1$0.30$0.35
Pail 1 Gallon1$0.40N/A
Pail 2 - 6 Gallon1$0.45N/A

Minimum print order quantity is 1000 pieces. Below 1000 pieces will be charged at 1000 piece price.

* Plastics include HDPE, LDPE, PS, Acrylic, PVC, PP and PETE.

All HDPE and LDPE requires flame treatment (NO EXCEPTIONS). Many manufacturers flame at the factory, but some do not. We have the tools needed to determine the quality of the flame treatment if you send us a clean uncontaminated sample.

PETE needs to be bagged after printing. Additional charges will apply.

Special shapes and sizes, hot stamping, special labeling and tooling are quoted separately on a case-by-case basis.

Customer provided products that Amen Packaging does not sell require a special quote for printing. Film positives and screens will be billed at the normal rate if this is the case.

All special order items will be billed when they arrive at Amen Packaging. Printing will be billed separately. Stock products will be billed at time of completion. If you do not have terms set up with Amen Packaging, a deposit is required before work begins. No Partial Release of Products!

Film PositivesSmall$40 ea. 
 Large$50 ea. (for Pails) 
ScreensSmall$50 ea. 
 Large$100 ea. (for Pails) 
Screen Change $15 ea. 
Excessive Ink $0.02 ea. 
Flame Treatment $0.08 ea. 
Bagging/Snake Packing $0.08 ea. 
Special Colors $50 ea. 
Artwork $100 per Hour, $50 Minimum 



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